Because drugs numb the nervous system, they are a way for a person to temporarily get rid of unwanted feelings like sadness, boredom, or fear. They do block off pain and other unwanted feelings. But there is a whole group of wanted feelings, and drugs block off all feelings.

Eventually any kind of feeling becomes harder to experience. That includes sexual feelings also. The person feels less alive, and he may act like he doesn’t care about anything or anyone around him.

After a while, drugs will make a person less aware of what is going on around him. He will become slower, not as quick to think or move or react. So he can get into accidents and other dangerous situations more easily when he has used drugs.

Often, the person isn’t aware of this change in himself even though other people may notice it and try to point it out to him.


By learning and knowing the truth about drugs, you yourself can make the right decision to not use them. You can also help friends and family by sharing what you now know and helping them lead a drug-free life.

Most schools, youth and community groups have anti-drug programs or they belong to a group of people and organizations working together to make their community drug-free. You can do your part by contacting these groups and working with them.

You can also contact a Narconon center near you for help starting a drug prevention and education program near you.

If you know someone who is taking drugs and can’t seem to stop, your nearest Narconon center can help.

The Narconon program is based on the research and discoveries of author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard. Narconon centers are open to people of
any race, color, belief or religion.

If you would like a Narconon drug education program or presentation in your
school or group, call 080XXXXXXXXXX…..